Choreographer: Lorena Alvarez
Set-Design, Costumes and Light Design: Mareike Dobewall


Kylmä -”cold” in finnish - is a trip to the extremes and opposites through exotic experiences. From South to North, from hot to cold, from noise to silence; a sole path, an inhospitable desert, and a search for inner calm.


“... And it may be precisely what we are asking the body. Do not forget that deserts are particularly good places to question the limits of our consciousness, to shake what we thought solid as a rock ... “


Kylmä is a journey in many ways. Cold is the internal and external engine that is traversed to achieve a goal. A trip can be understood and seen as a displacement - physical and / or mental. The need to change direction in life appears one day and we have to listen. The people we meet along the way have something to tell. The vast nature is not far from us. Life is lived in and out. In the essence we will find equality.


Duration: 60 minutes


All photos for “Kylmä” by Xavier Trilla