Women with unhealthy complexion listening to the sound of sirup in the walls

Choreography and Dancer: Mareike Dobewall and Lorena Alvarez

HZT, Uferstudios Berlin, UdK Rundgang, 2013


Lorena Álvarez and Mareike Dobewall focus in this work on the zone between accepted and not tolerated behavior. In their research they were particularly interested in mental illnesses which have recently been challenged by the British Psychological Society’s division of clinical psychology (DCP). A main focus lay here on ADS and ADHS.


What is acceptable behavior? Where does it stop? In the zone between where behavior is still considered as normal and when it becomes “sick” the two dancers look for answers in movement. Concerning the treatment of people with abnormal behavior in our society the two performers ask what the suppression of out-of-norm-behavior does to an individual and in the aftermath to a society.