Voiceland - Version "Gömlu Kartöflugeymslurnar"

Reykjavik, Iceland, 2018


When entering VOICELAND one encounters a world made purely of vocal sounds. 17 singers lead through a spatial composition inspired by traditional vocal genres and every day sounds. 


In this original 60-minute a capella performance the audience can walk freely inside of the performance space that is shared with the singers. This allows the audience to shape their own experience. Their journey through VOICELAND is guided by their own curiosity and attention. 


VOICELAND is a site-specific performance. A unique form is created for the audience in Reykjavik at Gömlu Kartöflugeymslurnar, Ártúnsbrekku during OPERA DAYS REYKJAVIK 2018.


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Director, librettist and scenographer: Mareike Nele Dobewall

Composer: Gísli Jóhann Grétarsson

Conductor: Eyþór Ingi Jónsson

Choir: Hymnodia