“4:48” is a performative piece based on Sarah Kane`s „4.48 Psychosis“. Fredrikstad, 2014


It is a piece about a man who decides to end his life and displays his argument for life between the decision and the action.

We interpreted the piece as a song about life. It is a poetic piece that is as honest as it is brutal.

The dramaturgy of the piece is a spiral that begins in the narrow bottom and unwinds upwards. The departure point is like in the eye of the hurricane, a still and intense center and speed progresses in the spirals as they intensify vertically up to a release.


Director: Mareike Nele Dobewall

Scenography: Mareike Nele Dobewall and Ylva Owren
Actor: Jade Francis Haj


For video documentation please contact Mareike Dobewall here.