June 2022
online and Oregon, USA
Oregon State University


Mareike Dobewall presents “Lumen 1+2” from her spatial sound performance “Musica Mundana” at the virtual listening room at the hybrid IAWM Conference Call & (HER) Response: Music in the Time of Change, Co-Hosted by Oregon State University & IAWM





Photo by Mareike Dobewall

May 2022

Berlin, Germany

Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts


On the 13th of May Alexandria Nova launched the book "Looking for Direction - Rethinking Theatre Directing, Practices and Pedagogies in the 21st Century". Mareike Dobewall contributed with the essay "Directing as a spatial-social practice". The book is open access and can be downloaded here.


April 2022

Helsinki, Finland


Together with composer Josué Moreno, Mareike Dobewall works on "Sonic Emotionspaces". The project is supported by Kulturfonden, commissioned by Yle.










Image: Josué Moreno

January 2022

Stockholm, Sweden



The full performance of "Musica Mundana" at Reaktorhallen can now be watched here









Image: Mareike Dobewall

22. October 2021

Stockholm, Sweden

Hugoteatern, Stockholm University of the Arts


Mareike Dobewall successfully defended her artistic research project "Voicelanding – Exploring the scenographic potential of acoustic sound in site-sensitive performance", within the PhD program Performative and Media based practices at Stockholm University of the Arts. The documented artistic research project (doctoral thesis) can be found here

Image: Mareike Dobewall


October 2021

Stockholm, Sweden



"Danceplaying the Accordion"

What if the accordionist breaks free, not from the accordion but with it? What music derives when they move together and explore their unique relationship?

Director Mareike Dobewall and accordionist Mara Peiseniece present an evening-filling performance where the accordionist shares her personal experience of a life with the accordion. As a hybrid of movement and music this free form expands and contracts while it stays connected to its center - the relation between the musician and the instrument.

Performances on the 2nd and 3rd October 2021 at Fylkingen.


Find out more on the project webpage

Image: Mareike Dobewall


September 2021

Stockholm, Sweden



"Musica Mundana" was performed as part of Mareike Dobewall's Making Public Event for her artistic research project "Voicelanding - Exploring the scenographic potential of acoustic sound in site-sensitive performance"


The audio documentation of the performance can be accessed here

Mareike Dobewall's doctoral thesis is now available here

Image: Mareike Dobewall

September 2021

Stockholm, Sweden



"Voicelanding - Exploring the scenographic potential of acoustic sound in site-sensitive performance" is Mareike Dobewall’s PhD project. It will be made public on the 22 September 2021


The presentation includes the live spatial sound performance of Musica Mundana which was created with and for Reaktorhallen in collaboration with local musicians and in dialogue with international astrophysicists. The performance of Musica Mundana will be repeated on the 24 September. Both performances will be live-streamed.


For more information:

Image: Mareike Dobewall

July 2021

Stockholm, Sweden



“Danceplaying the Accordion”

Musician Mara Peiseniece and Mareike Dobewall started their creation of a performance that frees the accordionist and her instrument. The instrument and the performer find ways of moving and sounding together, and alone.

The project is supported by Musikverket.

The performance will premiere on the 2nd of October 2021 at Fylkingen in Stockholm. Please follow this link for more information and updates:










Image: Mareike Dobewall

January 2020

Stockholm, Sweden

Reaktorhallen R1


“Musica Mundana”

Together with the local vocal ensemble "Roliga Sångförsöket" and two percussionists Mareike Dobewall continues her work with the "music of the universe". As part of her research at Stockholm University of the Arts this project explores possibilities for spatial composition in the creation of performances that are created purely acoustic, with live performers in a site sensitive way.












Image: Mareike Dobewall

October 2019

Stockholm, Sweden

Reaktorhallen - R1


“Spaces as voice teachers”
As part of her artistic research as PhD candidate at Stockholm University of the Arts (Uniarts) Mareike Dobewall engaged with the reactor hall R1 as her voice teacher, 25m underground.

Thanks to Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)










Image: Mareike Dobewall

July 2019

Hannover, Germany

Kesselhaus Linden


“Spaces as voice teachers”
As part of her artistic research as PhD candidate at Stockholm University of the Arts (Uniarts) Mareike Dobewall will engage different spaces as her voice teachers. In July she will collaborate with the “Kesselhaus Linden” (=“Boiler House Linden”). Towards the end of her residence there she will be joined by singer Susanne Kautz.
Presentation: 21. July 2019 at 12:00 in “Kesselhaus Linden”












Image: Andreas Kleine

March 2019

Reykjavik, Iceland


Óperudagar í Reykjavík was selected the Music Festival of the Year 2018 at the Icelandic Music Awards. Congratulations!

As artist in residence Mareike Dobewall created the following works for the festival.








29. March 2019

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm University of the Arts


Mareike Dobewall is holding her 50% seminar as PhD candidate at Stockholm University of the Arts. More information







Image by Mareike Dobewall

October 2018
Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik Opera Days


As artist in residence Mareike Dobewall is working at the first Opera festival in Reykjavik. Among other works her spatial choir performance VOICELAND will be presented in its new version at Kartöflugeymslunum, Ártúnsbrekku, Saturday 3. november at 14:30 and 17:00.

Presented works at the Festival

Image by Dorothy August

August 2018
Demmin, Germany

Sound-Space-Research at fortress and “Haus Demmin”

A two-week workshop


Together with singers from “Peenechor” in Demmin Mareike Dobewall explores history and stories of the area of “Haus Demmin” with the sound of their voices. The ruins of the fortress (from 11th century) and “Haus Demmin” (private estate from 1850 and boarding school 1948 - 1986) were inspiration and resonant bodies for the open air spatial compositions that Mareike Dobewall developed during the workshop.

 On Saturday, 1.9.2018 at 14:30, there will be a presentation with starting point at the small bridge. Welcome!

Photo by mmschwaegermann

July 2018
Theater Freiburg, Germany

Pop-Up-Opera Festival VOLKSOPER


In Freiburg you will have the opportunity to come close to the character Genia from “The unknown Country” ( “Das weite Land”, 1911), extracted from the installative opera "Schnitzler´s Dreams" (2015). You can wander through her soul landscape that takes shape in the musical arrangement of composer Evelin Seppar. Genia will be perfomed by Mezzo soprano Mari Askvik.  More about the festival

More about the performance











Photo by Jan Hajdelak Hustak

February 2018
LARVA, Guadalajara, Mexico


As part of Mareike Dobewall´s artistic research, she is artist in residence at LARVA (Laboratorio de Arte Variedades). Mareike Dobewall invited architect Juan Pedro Ponce Bolaños and choreographer Karina Bosche together with music students from the University of Guadalajara in order to explore the theme of "Musica Munda" in the form of a spatial composition.


more details here



Photo by Mareike Nele Dobewall

January 2018

At the University of Opera in Stockholm Mareike Dobewall presented her 30% seminar with the title “Soundchoreography with choir - Confessions of a spatialist”.








Photo by Vanja Hamidi Isacson

Photo by Juan Pedro Ponce

August 2017


Together with the Icelandic choir Hymnodia, composer Gísli Jóhann Grétarsson and scenographer Ylva Owren, Mareike Dobewall prepares the first version of the site-specific original living choir installation VOICELAND. 

Premiere: 1st september 2017
More information

July 2017

Mareike Dobewall spent two weeks exploring the architecture and the structure of the city Demmin in Germany. During an intense research together with curator Maria Magdalena Schwaegermann she studied the history of Demmin and listened to personal stories about particular places. The goal is to create a series of workshops for locals that will make different parts of the city sound and connect places and people with each other. The workshops on social aural composition are planned for June 2018.



Photo by Maria Magdalena Schwaegermann

May 2017

Stockholm University of the Arts, Stockholm


In order to prepare the first version of the living choir performance "Voiceland" Mareike Dobewall facilitated an open studio with composer Gísli Grétarsson and scenographer Ylva Owren at the Opera Department.


"Voiceland" - Version 1 will be shown during the Performing Arts festival "A!" in Akureyri, in Iceland, on the 1st and 2nd September 2017.

More information about the project:



Photo by Mareike Dobewall

March 2017

Instituto Cultural Cabañas, Guadalajara


Together with Natalia Orendain, Mareike Dobewall prepares the choir performance "Vokal-De-Konstruktion" at Instituto Cultural Cabañas.

More information at
























Photo by Katia Orendain

December 2016

Dansearena nord, Hammerfest


Dancers Gry Bech-Hanssen, Marianne Kjærsund and Maja Roel explore "Klangkörper" together with director Mareike Dobewall.









photo by Zbigniew "Ziggi" Wantuch

November 2016

Farsta Centrum, Stockholm


The performance "Open Doors" is part of the ongoing project "To have a voice" at Folkoperan.










Photo by Mareike Dobewall

October 2016

Residency at Bergen Center for Electronic Arts in Bergen


With the support from Kulturrådet and BEK Gísli Jóhann Grétarsson and Mareike Dobewall are able to experiment digitally with the "Voiceland" material from the workshop in Iceland. Come by for the artist talk on the 21st of October at 13:00 at Project space 1 at BEK.








Photo by Mareike Dobewall

September 2016

Several Locations, Akureyri


Together with composer Gísli Grétarsson and the Icelandic choir Hymnodia, Mareike Dobewall is experimenting with spatial choir composition.

More info about the VOICELAND project here.







 photo by Eyþór Ingi Jónsson

June 2016

TELPA Daugavpils


Mareike Dobewall receives the prize for best directing at the theatre festival TELPA DAUGAVPILS in Lativia.

more info ...









photo by Džeina Saulīte