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nature-based score for conductor and open ensemble

duration: 5 minutes

in close collaboration with nature

From Wood


string trio for Violin, Cello and Double Bass

duration: 44 minutes

developed in close collaboration with musicians Eva Lindal, Svante Henryson and Karl Boson

Little Brook Piece


eco-conscious site-sensitive vocal performance

duration: around 10 minutes, depends on the environment

developed on site for UKE 33 in Trondheim




radio piece for voice, found objects, harmoniums, percussion

duration: 35 minutes

co-composed and performed together with composer and musician Josué Moreno

Danceplaying the Accordion


choreographed solo performance for Accordionist and her instrument

duration: 45 minutes

developed and co-composed with Accordionist Mara Peiseniece


Musica Mundana


spatial sound performance for 11 voices, 3 percussionists and the space R1 in Stockholm

duration: 56 minutes

developed on site in close collaboration with the musicians, informed by collaboration with Astrophysicists

Reaktorhallen 589


spatial sound performance for voices, percussion and the space R1

duration: 10:27 minutes

POTLATCH 589 was an invitation by artist duo sister to several international sound artists to create works based on one of their pieces. This piece is my response

Demmin - letting a city sound


site-sensitive vocal performance, a dialogue between ageing voices and decaying buildings in the open air

duration: approx. 40 minutes

Musica Munda


site-sensitive performance at LARVA in Guadalajara (Mexico) for 6 voices, 1 cello and 3 percussionists

duration: 34 minutes