Teaching and Workshops

Mareike Dobewall has extensive teaching experience on all levels from children and amateurs to BA, MA and PhD students as well as professional performers. She also has experience as supervisor, examiner and opponent.


As multidisciplinary artists she teaches in performance (theatre, dance, music), directing, scenography, music composition, sound studies, in spatial practices and offers interdisciplinary courses.

She also offers workshops that introduce the participants to her own methods and practice such as “Spaces as Voice Teachers” and “Space Care”.

Mareike Dobewall has been teaching at institutions such as:

Uniarts, Helsinki, Finland
Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden
The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Denmark
Reykjavik Opera Days, Iceland
KHiO The Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway
University of Guadalajara, Mexico


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Workshop with Music students from the University of Guadalajara at LARVA, photo by Mareike Dobewall