Voicelanding - Exploring the scenographic potential of acoustic sound in site-sensitive performance

This practical artistic research project (Documented Artistic Research Project (Doctoral Thesis)) explores how the performance of acoustic sound in dialogue with site can create a sonic scenography, experienced by an audience from within the sonic structures. 

Six art projects were carried out in the context of this research. Their form varies due to the site-sensitive approach that is employed: the space and the participating musicians are both the source and the frame for the resulting spatial sound performances.

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Nature Scores

With Nature Scores Mareike Dobewall expands her research of spaces as collaboration partner towards natural environments. She spends time with natural phenomena, observing patterns situated in time and space, and over time and in relation. She considers this practice as an eco-conscious form of music creation. Placing a strong emphasis on listening with all senses, she relates with nature patterns, and embraces experimentation, curiosity, and affectivity. Mareike aspires to innovate her musical conceptions and notation techniques based on her collaboration with nature. Natural phenomena pose here enigmas and offer propositions.


Recent outputs of this research are the music performances Receptaculum and B-Nature.