Open Doors - to have a voice

Folkoperan, Farsta Centrum, Stockholm, 2016


In the frame of the project "To have a voice" eight singers from Folkoperan met people who work in different shops at the shopping mall "Farsta Centrum" and gave them a voice. Mareike Dobewall developed the concept in order to explore music as a meeting for all kinds of people. For the director it was important that this performance took place in an everyday-life situation. After spending some hours with people working in different stores of the shopping center, assisting if they could, the singers revealed individual feelings through music in a 15-minute performance. The music created connections between the inner world people usually cannot share during their working time and the role we play for the outside. The singers were dressed like their collegues in the uniform of the stores. The process was repeated twice on two days. In that time spend together the singers and shop employees learnt more about each other, employees of different stores met and the audience met an extraordinary situation in an ordinary setting.


Director: Mareike Dobewall

Choir leader: Lone Larsen

Singers: Heddie Färdig, Chadi Ali, Sanna Gibbs, Jesper Säll, Janna Vettergren, Martin Åsander, Ulrika Skarby och Butta Börjesson